Six Resources That’ll Instantly Improve Your Digital Security

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Having said that, if you plan on attending, we thought we’d give you some resources to look over before the hangout, this includes a few articles, privacy checklists, and books that we highly respect. (You don’t have to finish them all, but if something catches your eye, dive in!)

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A Few Digital Security Resources

The first step is always the hardest. Thus if you know which foot to step with first, then you’re already halfway there. The following collection will help you understand where your digital security is lacking and therefore where you need to start improving yourself.

Surveillance Self-Defense Checklist – The Intercept outlines a few steps journalists, activists, and everyone else can take to maximize their security.

Securing Your Digital Life Like A Normal Person – Martin Shelton highlights steps that require little investment — things you can do right now.

Chatting In Secret While We’re All Being Watched – Micah Lee talks through the techniques NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden used when contacting him two and a half years ago – boiling it down to the essentials.

How to reach Matt Mitchell securely – Although this style of “How to reach me securely” content has only really been tossed around the hacker and developer communities, I think the future of communication will require something like this for everyone – an outward-facing, preferred method of secure communication.

Lastly, if you have more time on your hands and are willing to really dive deep into some fascinating stories about security, then here are two books I highly recommend:

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