Apple and Facebook want to popularize Digital Security. But are they what we need?

When it comes to digital security, it’s tempting to say “I’m secure today, nothing bad has happened yet, and therefore I’m good for life”. However, this is like taking a shower and saying you’ll be clean for eternity. Maintaining your digital security is an ongoing battle and therefore needs to become habitual. And for most of us, this means it needs to be simple and accessible.

I think Facebook’s 2019 rollout of privacy products will be a shiny object and not the best options for people to be fully secure, especially considering they’re one of the data fiends everyone is so concerned about. However, case in point, Facebook is making it extremely easy for people to feel they are taking steps toward digital privacy. They are like the dentist who gives out toothbrushes on Halloween – a hopeful gesture but probably not worthwhile.

Not to say that we’re not making strides toward simpler digital security options. Honestly, complete communication privacy is just an App Store download away with the Wire App.

But communication is just one way we’re digitally vulnerable.

You must account for web browsing security, proper file management, best password practices, clearing metadata, and more. There exist tools such as Privacy Badger to block web trackers, LastPass to strengthen your passwords, Two-Factor Authentication for greater account security, etc. But continuous updates are needed to patch bugs, they occasionally fail, and it’s still up to the user to make sure everything is properly working.

Sometime in the near future, there will be a company that offers a complete digital security solution. And it will be very alluring for many people to purchase this easy “catch-all” solution.

However, this is like investing in the stock market and betting it all on one company… that’s very risky. There’s a reason that financial gurus preach the idea of “diversifying your portfolio”.

Ultimately, we’re in need of a company or group to make the Culture of Digital Security extremely fun, engaging, and accessible – but not dictators of digital security. I don’t think it’ll be Facebook with their transition to becoming a privacy-focused social media. And I don’t think it’ll be Apple with their sleek ad campaigns about privacy.

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