Inevitable/Human is Discontinuing Memberships

Due to the unfortunate circumstances, COVID-19 has had on our business, we’ve made the tough decision to discontinue the membership components of Inevitable/Human.

We would like to thank all of our members for rocking with us these past few years. We’ve learned a lot and shared some incredible insights about the future amongst this community.

Nonetheless, in times of crisis, you often can’t control what happens next. However, you can control how you evolve from that situation. 

Effective immediately:

  • All member-only content on Inevitable/Human will now be free
  • Inevitable/Human will no longer be posting daily updates or hosting weekly calls
  • If you purchased a membership within the last 30 days we will refund your order

In these upcoming months, Inevitable/Human will evolve into an online B2B production company. We will specialize in producing thought-provoking and engaging content for other businesses.

If you’re interested in upgrading your content marketing strategies please respond to this email, or we can hop on a call.

Otherwise, we will be moving our Future Focused weekly conversations over to LinkedIn Live and we’ve got an incredible lineup of featured guests:

April 2nd – What is The Future of Brand Marketing? w/ Clay Ostrom – CEO of Map & Fire

April 9th – What Does Technology Look Like in 2030? w/ Rebecca Costa – Sociobiologist, Futurist, and Best Selling Author of On The Verge

April 23rd – Why Entrepreneurs should aim to become Indistractable w/ Nir Eyal – WSJ Best Selling Author of Indistrable & Hooked

April 30th – Does the Future of Work Include a Desk? w/ Rohildev – CEO of Nimo Planet

May 7th – Why Brands Need To Use Holograms Today w/ Janosch Amstutz – CEO of HoloMe

May 14th – What VR & Video Games Can Teach HR Professionals? w/ Heiko Fischer – CEO of Resourceful Humans