Helping You Make Financial and Lifestyle Decisions in these Qualm Times

When the game is on the line what great athlete (or aspiring great athlete) is found sitting on the sidelines? Jordan, Brady, Gretzky, Phelps, Ali. No matter the circumstance, they were in the game.

In the past few days, Ryan and I have toiled with a tough decision.

Do we add more stories to the media landscape? Or do we take a break and focus on our own safety and the safety of those closest to us?

Ultimately, we decided we couldn’t sit idly during this time. Ultimately, we realized that there were other Future Thinkers that needed a place to share their wisdom for dealing with this difficult time:

  • Creative ways for small-business owners to make up for lost revenue
  • A way for those living check-to-check to pay their next bill, while their job is on pause
  • Ideas for grocery stores, hospitals, neighbors, etc. to change their habits to provide the best assistance possible

That’s why we’re bringing Qualm Times off the bench and into the game right now.

Qualm Times is our State of Emergency media outlet. The world has just changed in a profound way. COVID-19 has become a variable in just about anything you can think of.

We’re all in a state of unease. Not sure where to look. Not sure what forecasts to trust. Really at a loss of what we can control. But in these states of unease can come great opportunities.

Qualm Times represents a shift where we dedicate ourselves entirely to the current situation at hand. Qualm Times is highlighting the ideas and future thinkers that could actually provide a lot of help right now, but aren’t seeing the light of day.

All of us need help making decisions in this state of unease.

Decisions that pertain to the well-being of our finances, lifestyles, and above all our health.

Qualm Times is full of optimistic updates. Optimism in the sense that we’re providing you with assistance on the things you can control – not doom and gloom on the points you have no control over.

In states of unease, we’re presented with an opportunity to exit qualm times stronger than we entered them.

Head over to Qualm Times for our curation of optimistic links about COVID-19.