We talked to a Bitcoin expert about the fall of Bitcoin and why we shouldn’t worry

The Captain’s Log:

Our video evaluation of previous Quick Theories predictions. Were we right? Were we wrong? How will the predictions change?

This time last year, the cryptocurrency hype was huge. Everyone and their mother was buying Bitcoin or getting into some ICO with dreams of getting rich. Now, the cryptocurrency market is in the midst of a depression. We’re questioning if Bitcoin will survive this massive dive in valuation. Dozens of ICOs that raised millions of dollars literally from PowerPoint presentations and whitepapers cannot sustain the hype and are going bust.

This is a do-or-die moment for cryptocurrency. And I think it’s important that we look back at this past year before we look to the next year. I reached out to the Bitcoin Podcast Network for an expert opinion on the current times and where we may be headed. Check out the video below for the rundown:

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