The 7 Best Inevitable/Human Articles of 2019

Another year in the books for Inevitable/Human. Our overall theory creation increased by nearly 250% without sacrificing the quality of theories. In reflecting on the past year, we’ve compiled our seven favorite Quick Theories articles for a variety of reasons. Enjoy!

The Youthful Theory

Fortnite is the 20th Largest Country by Population. Do They Need a Currency? (link)

This was my favorite of the year because it was created from a conversation with a 12 year old kid named Jalaal Abdullah. One, he proved the power of future thinking in the youth. And two, it was flat out a brilliant idea.

The Most Taxing Theory

BMW hired me to give an opinion on their latest car technology (link)

This was a validating project for us because BMW found Inevitable/Human and thought of us when they were ready to launch some new prototypes. The intense production timelines, coupled with jet lag from being flown to Germany the day prior, really tested our team’s abilities. It was stressful and taxing, but overall a next level achievement for us.

The Practical Theory

The Instagram Bookstore: Reading Novels in 2020 and Beyond (link)

Reading is such a fundamental skill we need in order to succeed in this world and the statistics are looking quite bleak for youth comprehension. The New York Public Library showed their resilience in this experiment that I believe will change how we think about reading in the 21st century.

The Boldest Theory

How De-anonymizing Broadcast on Social Media Could Solve the Deepfake Issue (link)

Everyone is worried about deepfakes. And the solutions are all very technological. This theory, instead, looked at one of the most fundamental issues on social media – that anybody can speak to millions of people at once without ever needing to show their face. We traced the entire fake news and deception through its lineage and found the root cause, proposing a very simple change that would have radical improvements to society.

The Social Media Theory

Digital Third Spaces and Community-as-a-Service (link)

Social media defined 2009 to 2019. How these platforms evolve in the next decade will be monumental. I think that brand-owned and controlled digital third spaces is the next major opportunity for community creation. It’s the early days now, but brands can’t continue paying Facebook $20k+ per month just so their posts reach their audience.

The Holographic Theory

This hologram told me what to order at a restaurant (link)

Augmented reality is one of those near-future technologies that gets a lot of play in the media. But the use cases are always out of reach for most people. The holographic menu is here today, though. And it was a theory that restaurant owners, restaurant patrons, and even digital agencies could get value from.

The Intelligent Automation Theory

OpenAI GPT-2 text generator (Talk to Transformer) wrote my business plan (link)

Automation seems like a movement that is out of one’s control for 99% of the population. However in this theory I showed Showed an early glimpse of how the average professional can make AI work for them today and get their very own AI cofounder. Additionally, it showed the power of AI generated articles and how soon they will be taking over.