We all trust USPS, UPS, and FedEx to not open and read our mail. From your pen to your recipient’s hands, nobody gets to see what’s been said except you two. And if someone along the way has tampered with your mail, it’s pretty obvious considering the condition of the mail has changed.

Today, we’re all choosing to send letters en masse via email, chat apps, and text messages. As with the mail, we default to trusting that our eyes and our recipient’s eyes are the only ones to read it.

Sadly, this is not true.

The majority of messaging services (Facebook Messenger, SMS, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Twitter DMs, etc…) use a protocol that is not encrypted end-to-end. This means that the service (Facebook, Google, Yahoo) can read your “mail”. In fact, both Facebook and Google have been known to use our messages to train their algorithms and deliver us targeted ads.

Fortunately, there exist many simple alternatives that ensure nobody can read our digital mail while it’s in transit or in your inbox.

We sat down for a Digital Hangout with Alan Duric the CTO/COO of Wire, the world’s most secure collaboration platform for messaging, file sharing, voice calls, and video conferences.

We had an informative discussion and presented some really cool visual assets about:

  • The level of security and privacy associated with each messaging app
  • How your messaging app is making money off of you
  • What the future holds for digital privacy
  • …and much more

If you missed us live, you can watch the full replay by clicking the button below:

watch the replay