How does the Internet evolve into the Metaverse?

The Internet has evolved to the point where we can share and communicate almost anything we want across space and time. We find love through apps. We trust our digital neighbors to give us the best suggestions for food and housing. We place our most precious photographic memories in the hands of digital giants to protect for eternity.

The Internet has become this expansive virtual, shared space for almost anything you can think of. But surely this isn’t the best version of the Internet. Like any form of existence, it must continue to grow and evolve.

So, what’s next?

The evolution of the Internet is the metaverse – a culmination of the Internet and the boundless possibilities in augmented and virtual reality technologies. The Internet has done a lot of the grunt work in bringing information, services, and experiences online. But there are more efficient ways to deliver, discover, and interact with everything that exists on the Internet.

If you want to understand how the metaverse relates to the Internet, check out the video below:

The metaverse is a long-time coming. Honestly, we’re probably at least 7 years away from seeing significant advances in the metaverse that’ll have any chance at replacing our current digital relationship with our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

But, this isn’t to say that we won’t make baby steps in the meantime. If you’re interested in learning more about the Metaverse, we created a guide called What is the Metaverse and how will it replace the Internet?

Additionally, we just finished a Digital Hangout on the metaverse. You can watch the full replay by clicking the button below:

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