Digital Humans Day

Digital Humans Day

A virtual conference detailing the future of digital humans


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What Is Digital Humans Day?

Digital Humans Day is a virtual conference dedicated to educating and inspiring creative professionals on the current and future applications of digital humans in healthcare, entertainment, banking, telecom, retail, and more.

Who’s It For?

Anyone that creates digital experiences and/or content that’ll exist in the metaverse

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Featured Speakers

Lil Miquela*

The digital human that grabbed the world’s attention and sparked the conversation on digital human existence. Lil Miquela speaks on the limitless possibilities before us.

Cardiac Coach*

FaceMe’s Cardiac Coach changes how heart patients access critical information about their health. How will Cardiac Coach pave the path for other digital humans in healthcare?

Daniel Kalt*

FaceMe digitized UBS’s Chief Economist so that every customer could speak with him. Now, he joins us to discuss the role of digital humans in service positions.


Digital Humans in Entertainment: The Tireless, Multitalented Entertainer

How teams of people will build the brand of a digital human – an entertainer that never gets tired, can be in many places at once, and has unlimited talent potential, from visual art to music to acting and more.


Digital Humans in Healthcare: The Everpresent Care Provider

How digital humans will be the first-face in healthcare, providing easier access to personalized care anywhere at any time, and help patients keep in-tune with their health record.


Digital Humans in the Metaverse: Changing How We Consume Content

How can creators building the collective, virtual shared space known as the metaverse integrate digital humans within their experiences to increase the engagement and personalization?


Digital Humans in Retail: Recreating the Customer Experience

How businesses in banking, retail, and more will use digital humans to deliver a consistent, on-brand experience to their customers (digitally and in brick-and-mortar stores).

Why people are attending:

*names and company partnerships for conceptual, in-house purposes only