How protesters in Hong Kong are communicating without the Internet

It’s rare that a technology is created and has an immediate impact. It usually takes months or years to find product-market fit. In the case of mesh networking, it took 7 years and a cultural calamity to bring about the widespread use. Specifically, the protests in Hong Kong precipitated the perfect atmosphere for mesh networking to take off.

What’s mesh networking?

In my opinion, it’s an idea equally or in some cases more impressive than the Internet. Let me explain:

An app like Bridgefy has just been biding its time, preparing for a moment like this. Clearly the decentralized nature of mesh networking is perfect for circumventing government/central-power oversight.

It’s unfortunate that the situation in Hong Kong is happening. However, it’s a perfect ground for displaying why mesh networking exists.

This is the power of staying on top of the latest tech releases. 90% of the time the stuff we write about falls in the early-adopter cohort. We’re dreaming up the possibilities, wanting you and other readers to put your two cents in.

Following this article, don’t you wonder:

What other dormant technologies are out there waiting for their opportunity to strike?