Are you curious why Facebook announced a cryptocurrency today?

I cannot think of a technology that has gone through more tumult and re-identification than cryptocurrency. From being pegged as the bad-influence technology that enables illicit transactions on the web, to becoming the get-rich-quick scheme on CNBC, to then becoming another instance of overhyped technology, seriously, crypto has been through it all.

Along this wild ride, the true fans have never lost sight of why blockchain was created and how cryptocurrencies fit on top of this technology. Among those true fans is Facebook, who unveiled their plans to enter the market.

To quote Forbes, “Believe it or not, Facebook will be the company that brings cryptocurrency to the masses.”

There’s a belief that they’re about to solidify this technology into the hearts, the souls, and the pockets of the world. I don’t think we can make that judgment, a year before the technology is even in the hands of consumers.

Nonetheless, Ryan put together a detail that’ll help you understand Facebook’s planned move into cryptocurrency: