What is Inevitable/Human?

Inevitable/Human is a media platform and online community for Future Thinkers, Technologists, and Business Professionals who want to anticipate the future and foresee transformative changes. We publish exclusive content on emerging technology and other Future(s) Studies concepts to spark conversations amongst our community members.

Our community spans five continents, encompasses a plethora of backgrounds, and brings together vastly different perspectives of technological change. However, one thing remains consistent across each member – the desire to enhance their strategic foresight and better understand the future that’s unfolding before them.

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Who made Inevitable/Human?


QuHarrison Terry

QuHarrison is a marketer, technologist, and entrepreneur. He led the marketing team at Redox – a forward-thinking digital health company providing a simple interface for exchanging Electronic Health Record information. He was honored two years in a row as a LinkedIn Top Voice in Technology and presented at CES, SXSW, and TEDx.

Embodying his “Boy from the future” persona, QuHarrison lives and breathes technological progress – wondering how we’ll push human abilities further and redefine our Earthly boundaries.


Ryan Cowdrey

Ryan is a marketer, non-traditionalist, and part-time philosopher. He co-founded 23VIVI, the world’s first marketplace for digital art using blockchain encryption. He currently runs VNM USA, a future-obsessed marketing agency. 

Inhabiting a mindset somewhere between Luddite and Technologist, Ryan brings a thoughtful skepticism to emerging technology – a mindset that bears deep, humanity-driven insights.

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Ideal speaking topics align with the topics covered here on Inevitable/Human, although tailored topics can be negotiated.

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