5 Plays for the Future

Being Boy Future, I often get asked by people of all types, “What do I need to know to stay ahead of the future?” Of course, it’s much more of a rolling answer than it is a one-time rebuttal.

But, when the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin asked me to give the keynote presentation at their annual Breakfast of Champions at the historic Harley-Davidson Museum – on the topic of the very question I opened this email with – I knew I had to come up with something both timely and timeless.

The result is my 5 Plays for the Future, which provides three lessons that can be applied across any time period and two relevant technological opportunities that have emerged and will be ripe for at least the next decade and a half.

You can watch my keynote presentation on the 5 Plays for the Future below (and there are also show notes below so you can jump around the keynote):

Show Notes…

00:00 — Q’s journey to becoming Boy Future

04:42 — Play 1: Look Back Before You Look Forward

06:50 — Play 2: Be A Robopreneur

09:42 — Play 3: Keep Your Eye On The Metaverse

12:50 — Play 4: You Can’t Automate Trust

16:02 — Play 5: Chat With Experts (How to get ahead of these opportunities)

20:43 — Final Thoughts On The Metaverse